How to select the best drill bits?

MAY 13,2021

👋 Drill bits are a vital element to include in the tool kits of DIY enthusiasts and professionals. 

From drilling and fixing the frame on a roof to hanging pictures, no job is too big or small for drill bits. 

But there are many drill bit types, and each different kind performs a specific role. 

So, are you thinking of tackling that drilling project and want to know what drill bit to use?


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  • "It is sometimes difficult to choose between dozens of drill bit types and thousands of sizes..."

"It is sometimes difficult to choose between dozens of drill bit types and thousands of sizes..."



Many homeowners find the high-speed drill bit the most useful type of drill bit for use around the home because of its ability to work on a wide rage of materials, such as wood, plastic or metal. They are commonly referred to as twist bits because of their cylindrical shank. 


Designed for use on woodworking projects needing an exact hole size and precise location. The brad point drill bit, or spur point, has the same shape as the twist bit, but the tip is shaped like a “W.” That allows the outer points on the edge to start cutting the hole before the center point makes contact with the material. It means you get less resistance and a cleaner hole.


Masonry drill bits are perfect for drilling into concrete, and brick when the drill is set to hammer. However, as tough as these bits are made, you have to replace them relatively often because they wear down. 


Diamond drill bits are perfect for drilling holes through hard materials such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, marble and granite.You can also use this drill bit to drill stone, marble, and granite.

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  • Drill any material


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Wouldn't it be great if only one item could drill any material? Oh wait... It exists! The ultimate drill bits help you to drill easily through any material and save you time & money!

We have listed below the benefits of the power drill set. 

👉They are hard and strong: The SANRICO™ drill bits are made of industrial- grade 6542 HSS Carbide. This feature quickly makes them one of the hardest metals, making them suitable for an array of uses and are capable of drilling through all materials. 

👉They are durable and long-lasting: Their toughness makes the ultimate drill bits extremely hard to bend out of shape. You can easily use the SANRICO™ drill bits in masonry or drill through the hardest types of stone. They do all that without bending, or even retaining a scratch. 

👉They are versatile: SANRICO™ drill bits are no doubt one of the most versatile drill bits in general. They are useful for several things. From drilling through the hardest rocks to the tiles in your bathroom. 

👉They reduce chipping: The anti-slip shrank which allows the power drill set to be held tightly and prevent slip will effectively reduce chipping.

👉They can be installed in any standard electric drills: The ultimate drill bits are suitable for any drilling machines.

👉They help you to save effort and money: Buy only one drill bit and drill through any material. No need to buy the drill that you use only for wood, or the one designed just for steel. You will also save effort as you will not have to change the drill each times you change material! 

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  • Drill any material


★★★★★ (1,057 ratings)

Choosing the right drill bit for the task is an important part of any project, however it can sometimes be extremely difficult to choose the perfect one. Luckily, the SANRICO™ drill bits are designed to save you time to choose! The ultimate drill set allows you to drill through any material with just one drill bit!

Josh J. Gur - CEO

CEO of Sanrico


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