Five Great Ways To Split Firewood 

january 15,2022

👋 When you have a stack of logs or fallen trees, you can cut them to make some firewood. But do not cut them as you like.

Firewood needs to be sized right for burning; otherwise, your fire will go out too soon or might not light at all. With the proper technique and tools, it should not be a struggle. 

Check out some useful tips and practical techniques featured in this article.


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  • "Learning how to split firewood with the right tool is a great way to ensure continued warmth during winter."

"Learning how to split firewood with the right tool is a great way to ensure continued warmth during winter."


Choosing a firewood splitter will depend on a variety of factors, such as your budget, needs, and current equipment. The best tool will meet your splitting needs while holding up to the repeated use it’s undoubtedly going to get. It should be easy to initially drive into the wood and be able to handle splitting different types of wood. Read on to discover the best firewood splitter. 

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 A splitting axe is designed to split along the grain of wood to break the fibers apart, not cut them. It has a tapered head, generally weighing between 3 and 6 pounds. When you swing the axe down, the force of the wedge causes the wood to split. Typically lighter than a splitting maul, a splitting axe can be used for a longer period of time. You can chose between a wooden handle or composite handle. Composite splitting axes are lighter than wooden ones, as well as more durable; however, both are great options. Many people love the feel of an old wooden axe!

#2 - MAUL

A splitting maul is essentially a huge sledge hammer with a pointed axe head. They generally weigh between 8 and 12 pounds so if you’re going to split a piece of wood that is larger than about 7 or 8 inches we recommend using the splitting maul. The edge on the maul is not as sharp as an axe because the blunt edge is used to split the wood fibers apart. The head of the maul is wide and V shaped which also aids in splitting the wood. A maul can be a very useful tool for splitting firewood. However, the disadvantage of using a splitting maul rather than a splitting axe is the heavier weight. Because it requires more energy to swing a maul, you’ll get tired more quickly.


If you’re looking to split logs or big rounds of wood, splitting wedges are just as important as a good axe or maul. They make the splitting process easier and safer, and allow you to do more with what you have – namely, your own physical strength and your main splitting tool (an axe, maul, or even sledgehammer). Splitting wedges allow you to force the wood fibers apart, expand the break, and keep it open. This allows you to split further down the line (if processing a log) with your main splitting tool, and helps prevent it from getting pinched and stuck in the log. They also make for cleaner splits – instead of swinging at the same place several times with your axe to deal with a tough section, mangling it and making for an ugly job, you can simply hammer in the wedge. Even if it doesn’t force the fiber apart fully, you can move on further down the line and try there.


Chainsaws are extremely handy and can be used for much more than simply cutting firewood. They can also be used to quickly cut through tough things such as bricks or metal piping, and they are incredibly useful for tasks where speed is a benefit. A chainsaw is a lightweight, hand-held mechanical saw mostly used for cutting timber – either felling trees or for cutting (cross-cutting – across the grain) logs to lengths that can then be split with a splitting axe for firewood. They have a petrol or electric power source that drives a specialist chain that has a series of cutter links built into it. Electric chainsaws are quieter, but are limited by the availability of electricity. Petrol chainsaws use a more expensive fuel (petrol), are noisier and smellier, but have the advantage of extreme mobility.


Firewood drill bits helps you in split wood in an highly efficient way. Traditional splitting tools like axe, and maul need way more energy, and time to split the wood. During the process you might also hurt your back or get sore arms. This electric drill can complete the firewood chopping at high speed and labor saving, saving you a lot of time and energy. Firewood drill bits are made of high carbon steel material with non-slip groove design which helps prevent slippage. These bits can be used on all types of wood.

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Understanding what type of trees make the best firewood is also important. Ideally, you will want a tree that is not only dry but consists of dense fibres that provide a long burn. This will reduce the amount of firewood that you need to cut. 

You’ll also benefit from burning clean, dry hardwood instead of any tree with a heavy resin or sap content. A wet or sap heavy tree may produce excess soot when burning, leading to a clogged chimney


👉 Use proper safety equipment, especially when operating chainsaws and mechanical wood splitters. This includes safety glasses or goggles, gloves, proper footwear (preferably steel-toed boots), and thick work clothes.

👉 Use a chopping block for more comfortable splitting – it can be a round of wood or a tree stump. It should go without saying that you shouldn’t split wood on a rocky or hard surface, such as metal – you’ll wreck your tools that way. A clean wooden chopping block will make sure your tools last longer.

👉 Try to have another person nearby. They can help carry and sort the wood, but also provide help if you have an accident and get injured. With power tools especially time is of the essence, and injuring yourself with a chainsaw, for example, can be fatal if you don’t receive first aid quickly. So don’t work alone!

👉 Most of all – have fun! Splitting wood is something that many of us don’t have to do as an everyday chore. So enjoy it as a break from your daily routine, train those muscles that you rarely use, and feel the satisfaction of turning a pile of logs or rounds of wood into proper firewood. It’s a beautiful sight!

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Splitting wood is something that you don’t need to do every day, but you can enjoy it as a break from your daily routine. You can make it as an exercise, too. 

Those pieces of wood that you made small can become a significant accomplishment once they start a fire. Don’t forget the safety tips and, most of all, have fun!

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