february 5, 2022

👋 For woodworkers, precisions and proper measurements are an important aspect of wood-crafting and carving. When working with wood, it is important to identify the desired output dimensions or plan and apply it to the wood material. With that said, it is important to find the best measuring tool for wood to help you in your woodwork and wooden projects.

A measuring tool is a needed tool to have, especially for professional woodworkers. Here is a list that could help you decide which measuring tool would be great for the project you have in mind. Here are 10 must-have woodworking measuring tools for every woodworker. 


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  • "Measuring tools play a key role in accurate woodworking."

"Measuring tools play a key role in accurate woodworking."


A tape measure will sound like a normal tool for most of us, but it is one of the most essential devices for woodworking. If you are a woodworker, you surely will need more from tape measures than others, which means you need a tape measure that can respond to most of your requirements.

Tape measures need to be accurate, flexible, and easy to use. A woodworking workshop would be incomplete without one of these. 


Laser measures, also known as laser tape measures, are used for accurately measuring long distances. Ideal for plumbers and electricians working alone, they are also great for builders, landscapers, or surveyors. Distance measures are simple to use and come in various working ranges and accuracy levels.

Apart from the fact that it gives straightforward answers, some laser measures are also popular due to having a continuous measurement feature. It allows them to provide instant real-time results. This makes the laser measure a truly invaluable tool that every professional woodworker should possess in their toolbox or workshop. 


A steel rule is exactly what it sounds like... a rule manufactured from either spring or stainless steel that feature either metric or imperial (or both) scales along its length. One end is usually flat whilst the other end (frequently including a hole for hanging) is usually round. While their primary purpose is accurate measurement, they can also be used as guides for laying out lines, and if rigid enough, for cutting. 

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A Folding Rule is mainly used for measuring longer dimensions very accurately. The edge that a 6″ folding wooden rule has over a retractable steel tape measure is that it doesn’t have a hook on one end which could get damaged.

This, in turn, guarantees that measurements with the folding rule are highly accurate and have fewer chances of an error occurring. Also known as jointed rules or zig-zag rules, it usually comprises a series of smaller rule strips (two or more) joined together with the aid of hinges. This way, you can fold it easily paving the way for portability. 


We've all done it: To mark a radius on the corner of a workpiece, you pull out a coin (or soda can, or glue bottle, or roll of masking tape, or...) and trace around it. It's tough, though, to locate that temporary template perfectly on the corner. Quick Corners help you to mark radii and angles on workpieces easily.


A Machinist Square is a tool that easily comes into play when woodworkers need something for making precise and is also very ideal for tool setup. Thanks to its compact size, it easily fits in apron pockets making it a very easy-to-reach tool.

Also, known as an engineer’s square, it is simply a tool that plays the role of the try square in woodworking and metalworking. It usually consists of a steel blade inserted into a heavier body by either welding or pinning at an angle of 90°.

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The combination square set consist of a blade (graduated steel ruler) and moving heads called a square head, protractor and a center head.

The blade is designed to allow the different heads to slide along the blade and be clamped at any desired location. By removing all the heads, the blade may be used alone as a rule or a straight edge. This tool, with its attachments, may be used for a great many purposes in framing and general work


The most common use for the framing square, as its name suggests, is for laying out and marking patterns in framing, roofing,and stairway work. The carpenter's square can also be used as a straightedge for determining the flatness of a surface. In the workshop, it's handy for marking cutoff work on wide stock.


The Universal Angle Guide makes it easy to measure or transfer any angle, including bevel and miter angles, when used with a sliding "T" bevel ... The Universal Angle Guide is fabricated from durable aluminum, with a black anodized anti-glare coating that makes angle reading easy.  

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Angles are an essential part of any woodworking job, therefore, it is the duty of the woodworker to find the correct, accurate and perfect angles. For any woodworker to accurate join various pieces perfectly at corners, Sliding T-Bevel Gauge is of the essence. In the absence of this, the woodworker would have to make educated guesses which are not very appropriate. This tool does both outsides and inside angles and offers a large measuring range as well. In terms of projects, this tool is appropriate for door frames, crown moldings, trim, and a whole lot more. 

Using suitable tools for marking and measuring is the key to smart-looking woodwork projects. If the dimensions of your wooden components don’t match properly, you will end up with lopsided results.

This is the sole reason why, even if you have some state-of-the-art power tools and equipment, you need good measuring tools. Select your measuring tools carefully for your woodworking shop. Equipped with all the different types of measuring tools for woodworking, you can become the expert woodworker that you aspire to be.

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