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  • Tons of Carpentry & Woodworking Skills, Techniques, Tools, Tips, and Tricks.

  • New carpenters? You will learn about the essential tools needed and the principles of basic design and practice crucial techniques like wood joints, finishing, woodturning, and furniture restoration.

  • Experienced crafters, you will enjoy enhancing your skills and learning something new. 

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Understand how to use woodworking tools, and discover amazing tricks you've never heard of before!

If you're just starting out in woodworking, or if you're looking for a way to just improve, this is for you!

“The information in these books is extensive, to say the least. I discovered a lot of tools, it's truly a must have in anyone's collection!!!”

David S. - ★★★★★


From simple joinery techniques to fine woodworking, these books will teach you how to use more than 100 tools and techniques to create beautiful pieces of wooden furniture. 

They provide all the information you need to become a master carpenter!

“These books give an encyclopedic coverage woodworking. It is comprehensive, covering all of the tools and their usage, along with a wide range of techniques. I highly recommend this collection to anyone from a beginner to an expert.”

Wesley K. - ★★★★★


Put your skills into practice to create well-crafted and practical objects, from a wine rack to a chest of drawers.

You will find full plans, plus materials and tools lists, so you'll have everything you need to get started!

“This collection is HUGE! The books cover everything related to the subject of wood working, that's very interesting to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject or who is going to start some projects of their own. Great picture quality, thanks!! ”

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A course in wood turning by A. S. Milton (1919)
A course of instruction in wood carving according to the Japanese method by C. Holme (1899)
A history of the planing-mill, with practical suggestions for the construction, care and management of wood-working machinery by C. R. Tompkins (1889)
A manual of fret-cutting and wood-carving by T. Seaton (1875)
A manual of sorrento and inlaid work for amateurs, with original designs by A. Hope (1876)
A manual of the hand lathe by E. P. Watson (1869)
A manual of wood carving by C. G. Leland (1909)
A monograph on wood carving in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh by J. L. Maffey (1903)
A New And Concise Method Of Hand-Railing, Upon Correct Principles by J. Hall (1840)
A practical treatise on handrailing by G. Collings (1890)
A practical treatise on the joints made and used by builders in the construction of various kinds of engineering and architectural works by W. J. Christy (1882)
A treatise on the construction and operation of wood-working machines including a history of the origin and progress of the manufacture of wood-working machinery by J. Richards (1872)
A treatise on the construction of staircases and handrails by P. Nicholson (1820)
A village class for drawing and wood carving - hints to teachers by G. Martineau (1891)
Aboriginal use of wood in New York by W. M. Beauchamp (1905)
Advanced projects in woodwork by I. S. Griffith (1912)
Advanced toy making for schools by D. M. Mitchell (1922)
Agricultural woodworking by L. M. Roehl (1916)
Amateur Joinery in the Home - A Practical Manual for the Amateur Joiner by G. A. Audsley (1916)
Amateur mechanic's manual and catalogue - scroll saws and lathes by H. A. Shipman (1881)
American woodworking machinery for vocational training (1920)
An outline course of lessons in wood-working by H. P. Shaw (1890)
Architectural hardwood finishing; a practical treatise on modern methods of finishing the wood work of new buildings by G. Whighelt (1906)
Architectural specifications for the painting, enameling, staining and finishing of woods by J. Dewar (1913)
Art and education in wood-turning by W. W. Klenke (1921)
Beginning woodwork at home and in school by C. S. Van Deusen (1907)
Bench work in wood by W. F. M. Goss (1888)
Berlin course of easy wood-work (1895)
Building construction, showing the employment of timber, lead, and iron work, in the practical construction of buildings by R. S. Burn (1877)
Carpentry & Mechanics For Boys by A. N. Hall (1918)
Carpentry & Woodwork by E. W. Foster (1911)
Carpentry and contracting; a practical reference work on carpentry, building superintendence, etc. Vol. 2 by The American Technical Society (1919)
Carpentry and contracting; a practical reference work on carpentry, building superintendence, etc. Vol. 3 by The American Technical Society (1919)
Carpentry and contracting; a practical reference work on carpentry, building superintendence, etc. Vol. 4 by The American Technical Society (1919)
Carpentry and contracting; a practical reference work on carpentry, building superintendence, etc. Vol. 5 by The American Technical Society (1919)
Carpentry and woodwork by E. W. Foster (1911)
Carpentry by I. S. Griffith (1916)
Carpentry For Beginners by J. D. Adams (1917)
Carpentry for Boys in Simple Language by J. S. Zerbe (1914)
Carpentry for Boys. Elementary Woodwork by G. B. Kilbon (1893)
Carpentry Made Easy by W. E. Bell (1857)
Cassells' Carpentry & Joinery by P. N. Hasluck (1907)
Common-sense stair building and handrailing by F. T. Hodgson (1903)
Constructive Carpentry by C. A. King (1912)
Coping saw work by B. W. Johnson (1909)
Correlated courses in woodwork and mechanical drawing by I. S. Griffith (1912)
Creative design in furniture wood metal glass and plastics by W. H. Varnum (1937)
Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry, & Building - A General Reference Work (1907)
Cyclopedia of Carpentry and Contracting by The American Technical Society (1910)
Della scultura e tarsia in legno dagli antichi tempi ad oggi notizie storico-monografiche by D. C. Finocchietti (1873)
Design and construction in wood by W. Noyes (1913)
Easy lessons in the art of practical wood carving suited to the wants of carpenters, joiners, amateurs and professional wood carvers by F. T. Hodgson (1905)
Educational woodworking for home and school by J. C. Park (1908)
Elementary course in woodwork by G. A. Ross (1901)
Elementary lathe practice by T. J. Palmateer (1917)
Elementary Principles of Carpentry by T. Tredgold (1875)
Elementary sloyd and whittling - with drawings and working directions by G. Larsson (1906)
Elementary turning by F. H. Selden (1907)
Elementary Woodwork by G. B. Kilbon (1893)
Elementary Woodwork For Use in Manual Training Classes by F. H. Selden (1906)
Elementary woodworking projects by H. R. Wise (1922)
Elements of woodwork by C. A. King (1911)
Encyclopedia of Architecture - A Dictionary of The Science and Practice of Architecture, Building, Carpentry, etc. by P. Nicholson (1850s)
English church woodwork - a study in craftsmanship during the mediaeval period A.D. 1250-1550 by F. E. Howard (1917)
Essentials of woodworking by I. S. Griffith (1908)
Every man his own mechanic. A complete and comprehensive guide to every description of constructive and decorative work that may be done by the amateur artisan by F. Chilton-Young (1883)
Exercises in manual training for the rural schools by J. R. Slacks (1917)
Exercises in wood-working, with a short treatise on wood by I. Sickels (1890)
Fancy cabinet woods and their uses by Albert Constantine & Sons Inc. (193-)
Farm woodwork by L. M. Roehl (1919)
Fifty lessons in wood working by A. A. Upham (1892)
First Lessons in Manual Training & Carpentry (1907)
First lessons in wood-working by A. G. Compton (1888)
Forty Lessons in Carpentry Workshop Practice by C. F. Mitchell (1896)
Fret Cutting & Perforated Carving With Practical Instructions by W. Bemrose (1867)
Fret cutting and perforated carving, with practical instructions by W. Bemrose (1870)
Fret-sawing and wood-carving by G. A. Sawyer (1875)
Fretwork fretcutting, inlaying, and overlaying by J. C. Brough (1920)
Furniture making, advanced projects in woodwork by I. S. Griffith (1917)
Gear's illustrated catalogue of wood and iron working machinery by A. S. Gear (1872)
Geometrical stair builder, simplified by J. Thomas (1863)
Gill's Mechanical Stair-builder - A Series of Problems on Stair-building & House-Carpentry by J. R. Gill (1874)
Grinling Gibbons and the woodwork of his age (1648-1720) by H. A. Tipping (1914)
Handbook for teachers. A course in manual training for grammar schools by W. W. Murray (1897)
Handbook in woodwork and carpentry, for teachers and normal schools by C. A. King (1911)
Handbook on wood preservation by The American Wood Preservers Association (1916)
Handicraft in wood and metal - a handbook of training in their practical working for teachers, students, & craftsmen by J. Hooper (1913)
Handwork in wood by W. Noyes (1910)
Hicks' Builders' Guide Comprising An Easy, Practical System of Estimating Material & Labor For Carpenters, Contractors & Builders by I. P. Hicks (1910)
High school manual training course in woodwork by S. E Ritchey (1905)
Hints and practical information for cabinet-makers, upholsterers, and furniture men generally by J. Phin (1899)
Hints for Carpenters by A. Fair (1909)
House Carpenters' Book of Prices and Rules For Measuring and Valuing All Their Different Kinds of Work (1801)
How to teach wood finishing by F. H. Selden (1914)
Illustrated descriptive catalogue, patent wood-working machinery manufactured by J.A. Fay & Co. (1878)
Inside Finishing by C. A. King (1912)
Intarsia and marquetry by F. H. Jackson (1903)
Lathe bed design by J. G. Horner (c1913)
Lathe design, construction and operation, with practical examples of the lathe work by O. E. Perrigo (1919)
Lathe work for beginners; a practical treatise on lathe work with complete instructions for properly using the various tools by R. F. Yates (1922)
Light & Heavy Timber Framing Made Easy by F. T. Hodgson (1909)
Manual instruction; woodwork; (the English sloyd) by S. Barter (1892)
Manual of Buhl-work and marquetry - with practical instructions for learners, and ninety colored designs by W. Bemrose (1872)
Manual of traditional wood carving by Paul N. Hasluck (1911)
Manual training first lessons in wood-working by A. G. Compton (1888)
Manual training for common schools; an organized course in wood-working by E. G. Allen (1910)
Manual training for rural schools by A. J. Kitteson (1916)
Manual training for the rural schools; a group of farm and farm home woodworking problems by L. M. Roehl (1922)
Manual training in the grades by F. Halstead (1913)
Manual training. Elementary woodwork by G. B. Kilbon (1893)
Mechanics' geometry, plainly teaching the carpenter, joiner, mason, metal-plate worker by R. Riddell (1884)
Modern American lathe practice by O. E. Perrigo (1907)
Modern Carpentry & Joinery - Advanced Series by F. T. Hodgson (1910)
Modern Carpentry and Building by W. A. Sylvester (c1896)
Modern carpentry; a practical manual Vol. 1 by F. T. Hodgson (1917)
Modern carpentry; a practical manual Vol. 2 by F. T. Hodgson (1917)
Modern painting, hardwood finishing and sign writing - G. D. Armstrong (1918)
Modern technical drawing by G. Ellis (1913)
Natural woods and how to finish them by Berry brother Ltd. (1894)
Oils and varnishes by J. Cameron (1886)
On the arrangement, care, and operation of wood-working factories and machinery forming a complete operator's handbook by j. Richards (1885)
Our Workshop - A Practical Guide to the Amateur in the Art of Carpentry & Joinery by T. O'Kane (1873)
Outlines of manual training by C. T. Work (1903)
Pattern making; a practical treatise for the pattern maker on wood-working and wood turning by J. Ritchie (1916)
Patternmaking, a treatise on the construction and application of patterns, including the use of woodworking tools, the art of joinery, wood turning by J. Shelly (1920)
People's text-book on varnish by Murphy Varnish Company (1892)
Plane & Plank - The Mishaps of a Mechanic by O. Optic (1870)
Polishes and stains for woods - how to use and prepare them being a complete guide to polishing woodwork by D. Denning (1903)
Practical Builder or Workman's General Assistant - Rules of Carpentry by W. Pain (1774)
Practical Carpentry Being a Complete Up to Date Explanation of Modern Carpentry Vol. 1 by W. A. Radford (1907)
Practical Carpentry Being a Complete Up to Date Explanation of Modern Carpentry Vol. 2 by W. A. Radford (1907)
Practical carpentry with steel square supplement - being a guide to the correct working and laying out of all kinds of carpenters' and joiners' work by F. T. Hodgson (1910)
Practical Carpentry, Joinery & Cabinet-making by T. Tredgold (1853)
Practical carpentry, joinery, and cabinet-making by P. Nicholson (1826)
Practical carpentry; being a guide to the correct working and laying out of all kinds of carpenters' and joiners' work by F. T. Hodgson (1883)
Practical hints for furniture men by unknown author (1880)
Practical stair building and handrailing by the square section and falling line system by W. H. Wood (1894)
Practical staircase joinery by P. N. Hasluck (1903)
Problems in Carpentry by L. M. Roehl (1913)
Problems in elementary woodworking graded for instruction by the group method by H. Vitz (1920)
Problems in farm woodwork by S. A. Blackburn (1919)
Problems in furniture making by F. D. Crawshaw (1913)
Problems in woodwork in combination with other materials for elementary manual training by E. F. Worst (1917)
Problems in woodworking by M. W. Murray (1905)
Problems of the finishing room by W. K. Schmidt (1922)
Projects for beginning woodwork and mechanical drawing by I. S. Griffith (1912)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 1) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 2) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 3) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 4) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 5) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 6) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 7) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 8) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 9) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 10) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 11) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Radford's Cyclopedia of Construction; Carpentry, Building and Architecture (Volume 12) by A. S. Johnson (1909)
Richey's guide and assistant for carpenters and mechanics by H. G. Richey (1894)
Rustic Carpentry by P. N. Hasluck (1907)
Seasoning of wood by J. B. Wagner (1917)
Selected shop problems by G. A. Seaton (1910)
Selection, installation, finish and maintenance of wood floors for dwellings by r. K. Helphenstein (1938)
Shop projects based on community problems by M. G. Burton (1915)
Shop Work, Joinery Cabinet-making & Carpentry by H. F. Busch (1918)
Simonds Guide for by Simonds Saw and Steel Co. (1924)
Some practical hints on wood engraving by W. J. Linton (1879)
Spons' mechanics' own book a manual for handicraftsmen and amateurs by E. Spon (1886)
Stage building and ship carpentry by unknown author (1943)
Stair-building and The steel square; a manual of practical instruction in the art of stair-building and hand-railing by F. T. Hodgson (1917)
Stair-building in its various forms by J. H. Monckton (1894)
Stair-building made easy by F. T. Hodgson (1884)
Stair-building; instruction paper by F. T. Hodgson (1919)
Text-book of Modern Carpentry by T. W. Silloway (1858)
The Amateur Carpenter by A. H. Verrill (1915)
The American House-Carpenter by R. G. Hatfield (1874)
The American stair-builders' guide by L. D. Gould (1875)
The Architect or Practical House Carpenter by B. Asher (1843)
The art and science of stair building by L. D. Gould (1885)
The art of mordanting and staining and the complete treatment of wood surfaces by W. Zimmermann (1911)
The art of stair building - with original improvements, designed to enable every carpenter in the country to learn the business by J. R. Perry (1855)
The art of wood carving - practical hints to amateurs and a short history of the art by G. A. Rogers (1867)
The book of garden furniture by C. Thonger (1903)
The Boys' Book of Carpentry by A. H. Verrill (1922)
The British carpenter, or, A treatise on carpentry by F. Price (1735)
The builder's golden rule, or, The youth's sure guide containing the greatest variety of ornamental and useful designs in architecture and carpentry by W. Pain (1872)
The Building Trades Pocket Book (1905)
The Cabinet maker's album (1871)
The cabinet maker's guide by G. A. Siddons (1837)
The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's drawing-book by T. Sheraton (1802)
The carpenter and joiner's assistant by P. Nicholson (1797)
The Carpenter's & Builder's Assistant & Wood Worker's Guide by L. D. Gould (1897)
The Carpenters' & Builders' Guide by P. W. Plummer (1891)
The Carpenter's & Joiner's Hand-book by H. W. Holly (1888)
The Carpenter's New Guide - A Complete Book of Lines for Carpentry and Joinery by P. Nicholson (1850)
The carpenter's pocket directory by W. Pain (1781)
The Carpenters, Joiners, Cabinet Makers and Gilders' Companion by F. Reinnel (1876)
The complete cabinet maker, and upholsterer's guide by J. Stokes (1829)
The complete practical machinist by J. Rose (1887)
The design of simple roof-trusses in wood and steel by M. A. Howe (1912)
The Elements & Practice of Carpentry, Joinery, Bricklaying, Masonry, Slating, Plastering, Painting, Smithing and Turning by P. Nicholson (1812)
The encyclopaedia of practical carpentry and joinery by E. L. Tarbuck (1859)
The expert wood finisher; a complete manual of the art and practice of finishing woods by staining, filling, varnishing, waxing, etc. by A. kelly (1912)
The Farmer His Own Builder by H. A. Roberts (1918)
The mahogany book by G. N. Lamb (1947)
The mechanic's companion, or, The elements and practice of carpentry, joinery, bricklaying, masonry, slating, plastering, painting, smithing, and turning by P. Nicholson (1845)
The modern geometrical stair-builder's guide by S. De Graff (1845)
The modern wood finisher; a practical treatise on wood finishing in all its branches by F. Maire (1901)
The practical cabinet maker and furniture designer's assistant by F. T. Hodgson (1910)
The Practical Carpenter - Vol. IV No. 1 from The Industrial Pub Company (1906)
The proper treatment for floors, woodwork and furniture by S. C. Johnson & Sons (1905)
The seasoning of wood by H. S. Betts (1917)
The sloyd system of wood working by B. B. Hoffman (1892)
The teacher's hand-book of slöjd, as practised and taught at Nääs; containing explanations and details of each exercise by O. Salomon (1891)
The turner's companion by H. C. Baird (1868)
The up-to-date hardwood finisher - F. T. Hodgson (1904)
The Wood Turner's Handybook A Practical Manual for Workers at the Lathe by P. N. Hasluck (1901)
The wood-carver's art in ancient Mexico by M. H. Saville (1925)
The young carpenter's assistant, or, A system of architecture adapted to the style of building in the United States by O. Biddle (1815)
Things to Make in Your Home Workshop by A. Wakeling (1930)
Timber, its strength, seasoning, and grading by H. S. Betts (1919)
Tool Processes in Woodworking by A. P. Laughlin (1919)
Trade secrets - a collection of practical receipts for the use of sculptors, modellers, stone masons, builders, marble masons, polishers, etc. by J. Robinson (1862)
Training in Wood-work - Consisting of Three Parts; Carpentry, Wood-turning and Pattern Work by J. M. Tate (1902)
Treatises on architecture, building, masonry, joinery, and carpentry by W. Hosking (1852)
Turning and boring tapers by F. H. Colvin (1902)
Turning and mechanical manipulation intended as a work of general reference and practical instruction on the lathe Vol. 4 by C. Holtzapffel (1850)
Turning lathes a manual for technical schools and apprentices by J. Lukin (1890)
Use of wood in Japan by S. Tuke (1895)
Veneering and inlaying; a study of materials, principles and processes by G. M. Nyman (1917)
Wilson’s Carpentry and Joinery by John Wilson (1891)
Wood carving - being a carefully graduated educational course for schools and adult classes by J. Phillips (1896)
Wood carving - design and workmanship by G. Jack (1903)
Wood carving for pleasure by H. Rayner (1955)
Wood carvings in English churches by F. Bond (1910)
Wood fibre carvings by Decorators Supply Co. (1900)
Wood finishing, comprising staining, varnishing, and polishing, with engravings and diagrams by P. N. Hasluck (1906)
Wood sculpture by A. Maskell (1911)
Wood working, wood turning, patternmaking, etc. (1905)
Woodcarving by unknown author (1921)
Woodwork course for boys by W. Nelson (1893)
Woodwork for beginners by I. S. Griffith (1916)
Woodwork for schools on scientific lines by J. T. Baily (1909)
Woodwork for secondary schools by I. S. Griffith (1916)
Woodwork for the grades, for use in manual training classes; fully illustrated with three hundred half-tone engravings from actual shop practice by F. H. Selden (1913)
Woodwork Joints - How they are set out, how made and where used; with four hundred and thirty illustrations and a complete index of eleven hundred references by W. Fairham (1921)
Wood-working for amateur craftsmen by I. S. Griffith (1911)
Woodworking for beginners; a manual for amateurs by C. G. Wheeler (1900)
Wood-working machinery and the arrangement of factories - a manual for practical workmen by J. Richards (1885)
Wood-working tools; how to use them. A manual (1881)
Working drawings of cabinet making models, arranged for high school courses by F. Halstead (1913)
Working drawings of colonial furniture by F. J. Bryant (1922)
Workshop notes & sketches for handicraft classes, being a first year's course in wood & metal working by T. A. Clark (1892)



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