The secret books of woodworking


Anyone who says you only need the latest tools to be a woodworking pro is lying...

And anyone who says that a project without a blueprint is always doomed to fail is also lying.

A woodworking project works well and efficiently ONLY when you have the level of knowledge that real Craftsmen (with a big C) have!


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  • "Become a professional woodworker in no time at all!"

"Become a professional woodworker in no time at all!"


You don't get that knowledge from magazines like FineWoodworking & co (whose only goal is to get you to spend money on expensive tools from their partners). 

Nor with that crook Teds Woodworking who sells plans that do not belong to him. 

And even less with this latest machine sold at a high price in your favorite DIY store!

No, the art of woodworking is learned through the methods of our ancestors. Woodworking is above all respect for the wood, its touch, its smell! It is a manual work, in which you are the actor!


Now imagine for a moment...

No more hours of research on the Internet that take you away from your workshop. Now you can be a real, free woodworker... who can build what you want, when you want, without spending a fortune on magazines and expensive tools. 

It is time to learn the real tools, the proven methods of woodworking, and finally know how to talk with the woodworkers in complete confidence!

Finally take the art of woodworking into your own hands, and create for yourself! 

With over 200 rare and unavailable books, this collection will help you bring the REAL woodworking knowledge to yourself, create for yourself, and become the MASTER of your workshop!

From dovetails to carving to the rule of 5'7, you will know everything!

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This huge collection of rare and hard-to-find literature is an absolute must for anyone with an interest in the techniques of CARPENTRY & WOODWORK. -compiled by SANRICO, and only available here!

Josh J. Gur - CEO

CEO of Sanrico